Previcox for Dogs

Improve your dog's mobility and relieve osteoarthritic pain!

Is your dog experiencing trouble with running, jumping or even getting up from resting? A degenerative joint disease called "osteoarthritis" may be to blame. Previcox is the solution to joint disease. Canine osteoarthritis causes inflammation and stiffness and making movement difficult. Dogs who are suffering from this disease will tend to avoid any physical activities. Don't let osteoartritis take away activities such as running, playing fetch, playing with your children, or walking!

Previcox was developed specifically for companion animals, Previcox is available in a once-a-day dose that provides therapeutic pain relief for 24 hours after treatment. In specific studies Dogs treated with Previcox have shown improvement in lameness within three hours compared to untreated controls, and returned to almost normal function after seven hours. Previcox comes in 30 and 60 count.

A prescription is required for this product.
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We also recommend Joint MAX with Previcox for maximum pain relief!

Previcox 57 mg
Previcox 57 mg (30 tablets)
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Previcox 227 mg
Previcox 227 mg (30 tablets)
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Previcox 57mg
Previcox 57mg (60 count bottle)
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Previcox 227mg
Previcox 227mg (60 count bottle)
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